sábado, 27 de julio de 2013

Super SlowMotion Backloop

Super slowmotion Backloop with very nice shadow!!

viernes, 26 de julio de 2013


Hi friends, Im back, sorry for being away all this time,now i got camera again soo I can keep updating my blog too. Uno sale del agua un poco desabrido,pensando,que mierda de condiciones!! donde esta el viento y las olas en pleno julio? Luego llego a casa descargo las imagenes me monto un pequeño video y se me pone una sonrisa en la cara,luego pienso pues para haber estado el baño tan malo,no esta mal!!jeje,espero que les guste..... (nose pq la resolucion bajo tanto lo intentare arreglar).Saludos. I finish the session ,get back to the beach and think to myself,what a shitty session,we are in july !!where the winds and wavesare? Then I get to home and checked the footage I manage to do a small video and a smile come to my face, then I think again to myself, to being the session bad It was not that bad in the end!!jeje hope you like it.... saludos

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012


Hi Friends Sorry for beying away all this time,,I'm starting using Facebook and I was putting all the news there,but its time to refresh my blog. By The way if you want to be part of it in Facebook just have to Look for my name and add friend....Many thanks. I almost made it to the RedBull Storm, was close to make it happening!!! At the moment Here the summer has been realy good, wind almost everyday,someting awesome. Here a picture of Dani Miquel from the last day of good conditions!! 2 days ago!! Hope you like it.. Saludos Jonas Ceballos e-40