martes, 30 de marzo de 2010


Hello Friends

Here we are,, still working on the photoshoot in Lanzarote, has been very great at the moment,I can say that Im very stoke with the gear and also very happy about the relationship I have with Anders and Marketing Manager Mr.Prade,Its gonna be a great future...
Here I upload couple pictures during the photoshoot,,thanks to my good friend Filippo that was helping us a lot and even taking this great pictures.
For tomorrow and the rest of the week forecast looks very good i think we gonna have some good action..

I hope you like the pictures,,


Jonas Ceballos E-40

martes, 23 de marzo de 2010


Hello Friends

I'm very glad To announce that I will sign with mistral for the next season and hopefully for the rest of my carreer.


I am very happy to have Jonas on board. He has always been a bit of an hero for me since we spent some time sailing Pozo back in the late 90's.
We where both on our 3,7's and I was well powered. I was getting killed as it was really windy and I remember Jonas landing his back loops plaining in front of the wave he had just jumped!!! unreal.

Anyway, now with much more experience behind him I think that Jonas will do great for Mistral. he is a killer guy and will stay really close to the development of the new lines.
Look out for him in this years world cup as all competitions happens in conditions that he really does well in.
Being a Pozo Local Jonas will help push the limits not only on the designs but also on the ever so important construction.


I´ve been traveling a lot around the world in the last 5,6 years promoting my sponsors, improving and enjoying my sailing on both sides. Now I will be part of Mistral family, one of the biggest and perhaps the original pioneer for windsurfing brands. I'm very glad that I can be part of it, its going to be a big motivation for me. My plans for the next years is do my best and grow as a family with Mistral. My main goal is to bring some good results, put my soul into working with Anders Bringdal for the upcoming wave boards, with his experience and mine i think we can create a great wave line, thats for sure.

Now i have to pack Tomorrow Im going to Lanzarote,,I think we will start the Mistral Photoshoot there,,Tomorrow i hope to get my first pictures with my new Mistral toys.

Will keep you update




Hello friends

Im sorry,i coundt upload the blog before because i was very busy,but now here we go.

The event this year was very fun,we didndt score the huge waves we scored last year but we score some good conditions down the line portack in La Caleta wind was light but enough to get to the point,,we competed two days and we could finish all rounds,everyone was on fire,,,

Results - 2nd round of the FWC 2010


13 pts // TEAM 1 and TEAM 4 ex aequo // Team 1 is once more winner of the day !

Team 1 > Patrick / Jules / Musso / Albert / Iballa

Team 4 > Eleazar / Jonas / Nicole / Martin / Stephane


12,5 pts // TEAM 3 // In a comfortable place...

> Fabrice / Nayra / Ilya / Adam/ Dario


11, 5 pts // TEAM 2 // Still in last place, but far closer ; )

> Thomas / Corky / Antony / Daida / JB

And looking foward for next year...