sábado, 19 de junio de 2010


Hello friends

Yesterday we had a nice day again in pozo,lot of top riders are here alredy training for the world cup.Yesterday we had not too much waves but nice wind and good weather,,Here couple pictures Thanks to my good friend Richard Aleman,secretpoints.com
Today i woke up with a ear infection and i been all day in bed because i had a lot of paint,I hope to get better soon to be back on water.
I hope you like the pictures.
Jonas Ceballos E-40

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


Hi Friends

I'm glad to announce I just sign with Tecnolimits Booms by the hand of owner Massimo Ravasio.
They had a new revolucionary boom called CONTACT, with a shock absortion and new head sistem,,I been sailing with it alredy and it is amazing the the feeling of the boom,how it works,It liberates many pressure in the mast when your sailing with the chops and jumping I had fantastic feeling during the leanding,, it make it more easier with not that much pressure in your hands,it is a fantastic Boom and revolucionary idea.You have to try it....

More info at:http://www.wind67wide.it/?p=5865

Here you have couple picture,I hope you like it,,Thanks to Dany Miquel.

Soon i will upload some more news about it....

Keep tuned.


Jonas Ceballos E-40

martes, 8 de junio de 2010


Hello friends

I'm sorry that i coundn't upload my blog before,i was very busy traveling around Italy and it was hard to find an internet conection.Finally back home...

I'm very proud about all promotion a been doing around,I think i did more than 4.000 klm in 11 days,,,,
I finised my boards with Gianni Valdambrini and all crew,,I would like to thanks all of them for their determination. PIC 1)I'm very exited to test the new toys,,,
Soo my trip it was,,,I went from Pisa to Prato where the factory is,from Prato to bologna to go to the Adriatic sea by tren,,in the Adriatic sea my first stop was in Pesaro,then i when to Ancona (Senigallia)where Challeger sails made their sail,PIC2) because Claudio Badiali is the Italian Mistral Importer and i when there to pick up some promo postcards that Mistral International send to me.After this i started to visit some windsurfing shops and do some autografes all the way up from Ancona, Riccionni ,Rimini,Bergamo and Milan.
I got impresive about some nice cars around, in the pictures you can see one of them,,,not comment....
One funny thing it was,, i was walking down the street around Pesaro and I meet a funny guy Called Alberto,the thing it was,this guy saw somebody walking with a big logo of Mistral on the back(it was me)the guy is also windsurfer and when he got close to me he saw that it was me and it was very funny his reaction,,,I send him a big Hi from here.....
I also would like to thanks to Filippo family for their hospitality,i have to say his mom is an amazing cooker...

In Milan I also Was walking at the street and I did meet Milan F,C Explayer Alessandro Costacurta,I gave to him a postcard of mine and We talk a littlel bit,I told him that i'm also sportman and i told him if someday he goes to Canaries and he want to know what windsurfing is i can give him some advices,,,very cool guy you can see in the last picture.

I will keep you updated with some more news about what i been doing in Bergamo...

Also yesterday just arrived and straight to the water for the Simmer photoshoot with Dany Miquel as Photografer and friends and team mates Dario Ojeda and Klaas Voget We went to Ojos de Garza, wind was very gusty but i have had lot of fun,also i got a nice feeling with the new Iron sail 2011.

Today we wanted to shoot from the water but this morning it was not enought conditions,,,will see how it gets during the day...

Keep tuned,


Jonas Ceballos