miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010


Hi Friends

I'm glad to announce I just sign with Tecnolimits Booms by the hand of owner Massimo Ravasio.
They had a new revolucionary boom called CONTACT, with a shock absortion and new head sistem,,I been sailing with it alredy and it is amazing the the feeling of the boom,how it works,It liberates many pressure in the mast when your sailing with the chops and jumping I had fantastic feeling during the leanding,, it make it more easier with not that much pressure in your hands,it is a fantastic Boom and revolucionary idea.You have to try it....

More info at:http://www.wind67wide.it/?p=5865

Here you have couple picture,I hope you like it,,Thanks to Dany Miquel.

Soon i will upload some more news about it....

Keep tuned.


Jonas Ceballos E-40

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