jueves, 12 de julio de 2012


Hi Friends Here we go,,we almost in the end of voting for RedBull Storm Chase,,it seems i'm on the top ten but to be more sure about it i will need more voting I guess,jeje lets go for it guys,need a bit of help to make it happen,I would like to thanks to all those people that already voted for me,many thanks guys really apreciate it. I can not leave any mensage in facebook because i don't have an account yet, I will do one fecebook soon. In Other hand I'm here in Tenerife for the world cup and I just kicked out by Dany Bruch in my second heat,very hard to find good waves and to be honest I'm getting the worse scores of my live, dont know what's its wrong there but very low scores, anyway i will try to do my best for the doble elimination, I'm feeling very hungry...... Keep you update, And please don't forget to vote for me for the Storm Chase,Let's show the public what I still able to do. Saludos Jonas Ceballos