miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011


Hi Friends

After long time out of the water and doing a right recover my knee is getting much more better, finally!! i'm almost 100% again and im back in water, the last few days has been strange winds and swell but good enougth to get use to it again, i was with 4'7, feeling condident as i was in summer, before i got injured soo is a good news for me i'm soo happy.
Here cople pics from omar sanchez that was injured and was shooting some pics from land thanks a lot for the pics.
Good to see all boys ripping out there again.
Will keep you update about some new project...
Jonas Ceballos E-40

lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011


Hello friends.

As i said before I'm almost 100% and i'm back with lot of energy.

I was thinking to organice this clinic since a while and now here we go, everything is almmost ready.

If you want to learnd how to do a fowardloop and how to ride here is a good chance,, i will put all i know plus soul and passion to make you goals come true.

Good confort right in the spot and a great windsurf atmosphera during 4 days fully windsurfing dedication with one of the best riders of World Tour.

Don't missed!!

For more info: jonase40@hotmail.com

Keep in touch.


Hi friends

As you see i didnt compete this year, factor i fuck my knee during the first event of the year in the spanish cup, soo unlucky, i missed all year.But i will be back..
After two months doing a good recovery and a good terapic i'm almost 100% again, that make me happy.
Now looking foward to be back in the water and rip.....
Will let you know about some plans for this month.....
Keep in touch,,
Jonas Ceballos E-40

martes, 14 de junio de 2011


Hello friends

Sorry for this long time without uploading my blog finally wind is back and I'm warming up.Feels good be on water.

Next 24 of June I will take part of the REDBULL Rockets,Here in Gran Canaria,wave event where they will score the highest jump,best combo move and best crash, it seems that its gonna be really good event.

I will let know about it.

I hope you like the pics.

Saludos and good wind.

domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011


Hi Friends

As i said i just arrived from fuerteventura but anfortunatly the event didn't happen because the wind didndt show up, we try our best to make it happen it but it was to light.We score one day in Caleta very nice windsurfing day but we coundt start the contest because the wind drops down.... but we had really nice waves there.
We score massive wave almost all period unbeliveable big more than 2 mast high wave,,one day some of the rider could make it to the outside of Puertito YANNICK,THOMAS ETC and cutch some big sets but wind was to light.
Fortunatly we had one day of tow in surf with some big wave together with Dario and the redbull jetski,very fun.

Overall impression, for me i was good to be there and meet some good friends,,we didnd compete but we had lot of fun and lot of wave around. Concept of this event is just very good for our sport and i hope to enjoy it many years more.

Many thanks to Orlando la Vandera and all the sponsor who make this event happen, see you next year.


Hi Friends

Im sorry for all this time away,,I has been busy and I just arrived from the FuerteventuraWaveClassic 2011.

Unfortunatly I have got this news begining of year from simmersails,they say they have to cut down budget and is why they can not renew my contrat. After more than 5 years working together is a very sad news to me because i think i been doing good,I havent seen that they didnt want to let it know soo I let it know,,,, from here i wish them good luck for future and thanks for the support all this time.......


Jonas Ceballos E40