martes, 10 de marzo de 2009


For me has been a really good competition and for sure a very good training also,we score the biggest swell of the year,,it was just huge,for me it was very dangerous spot,, not beach to get out,,to get out i have to jump from the rocks and it was very small bay with really heavy wave braiking in the middle of the channel very shalow and very dificult,I was scary because it was looking not that good as i thought and it was even more dangerous as i thought,,i mean the wave was good bu tnot the spot it is very easy it heart yourself but with the help of jetsky it was a bit easier to be out there ,,but still scary,anyway for me it was a very good experience and contest time was great not injuries we could make two rounds with really good conditions my team got 2º place,,WELL DONE PORCELLA AND WILL,, but the bes of it is all of us we have had a lot of fun,, just hope next year will be even better.From here just thanks all the organicers,riders,etc,, and I hope to see you next year.
Pictures by FWC.

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