domingo, 19 de julio de 2009


Hello friends,,
Finally we are done,,pozo 2009 is finished,,unfortunatly i couldnt keep my 3º position in the doble,,i was against campello,it was a good heat but i was not happy with the judge waves scoring i was just ripping the waves even with 360º frontside,,i had a couple of good jumps but i have to say that i couldnt get any good ramp to do the massive jump i also have to say that i was with 3'7 during all my heat and i was in the begining of the heat just perfect a bit over power but good, with power,,in the middle of the heat the wind picks up and i was totally over power,,i looked my watch and i decided not to change for my 3'3 because i will loose 1 minute minimun because i was to downwind and klaas voget was doing cady for me and he was to upwind soo i just decided keep going with the 3'7,,i was totally over power with half meter more sail than campello, when normally it is the opposite but, im happy in the other side because it was tight heat and i sailed good,,,i would like to thanks all these people who has been at the beach pushing up for me and gaving me lot of motivation with their comments,,thanks a lot to my family and my girlfriend who also has been at the beach suffering even more than me,,,
I also would like to Congrat Phillip Koster he shows us than nothing is imposible with 15 years old and also he shows us an increible action out there,,amazing sailing Phillip,,,I also want to Congrat my team mate Victor Fdz he also was increible very good heat Victor,,,also Ricardo Campello i want to give him my congratulations for his 3º place he also was sailing really good and crazy like always,,,,and to finish Congrat to my friend Dario Ojeda he also was sailing very good and he made a fantastic 5º place.
I can not say im very happy about the result but im happy about my performance,, this year i have been training soo hard i was feeling good,,body in good shape and mentally very focus and positive a bit unlucky but it is good ,im back in the ranking and i'm looking foward for the next pwa event in sylt,,this year nobody knows what is gonna happen there....

Thanks a lot also all my sponsor,,Craig/Fanatic&Sebastian i have to say i have had just what i was looking for ,,amazing turny board with good botton turn and good top turn with speed and the most important increible the control i have with it,thanks a lot and really good job also.

Simmer&Tomas I havent got the new sails for the competition but that it was not a problem for me because i'm feeling soo confident with my 2009 mission x sails that i can not belive it sails are soo good even if you go over power is amazing the control i have jumping and waveriding,Thanks a lot guys and looking foward for the 2010 mission x sails.

Al360&Francesco and comp,,,Thank you very much for the booms you made ,,they're just amazing ,A good boom is also a good key to be safe when you do sail in top level.

Mystic&Max Thanks guys this is our first year and thanks a lot for wearing me with the perfects weetsuits and harnes,,i feel very confident.

MFC&Pio Also thanks a lot,,also a good fin is an important key.

Also thanks a lot to Jonh Carter for his increible jop and pictures.

Saludos and thanks a lot to you guys,,,will see whats happend in sylt????

Jonas Ceballos

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