jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009


Hello friends,

I just got back home finally after long trip,another crazy year at sylt very stormy days and very dificult sailing,,during sigle elimination i had had not much luck i losed in the second round with very tricky conditions 5'0 and 78lt board ,,very onshore, but this gave me power to come back on the doble elimination.Doble was better i was feeling much more confident with the gear and the conditions 3'7 over power and 72lt,, i pass three rounds but in the fourth agains peter volwater i coundt score good waves for waveriding and the diference was minimun and peter beat me. Soo result 13º position world cup sylt 2009 and 12º wave overral 2009.
I can not say im happy about my result but i can say im very happy about my friend Alex Musso he was ripping and i would like to congratulate for his very good job...Well done Alex.Is very good to see that we all can be there.....
To finish i would like to thanks all my sponsors for supporting me one more year....

Thanks Jc for the pictures



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