domingo, 10 de enero de 2010


Hello Friends

I have got lot of views at my blog,comments and lot of emails from many people from soo many diferents places all over the world and you guys are helping me a lot and I would like to thanks all of them for their support with their words.

Honestly,, you guys make me strongger and make me feel bigger,,will try to do my best to keep going.

I have lot of passion and soul for the sport and I'm sure that this year i will be 100% focus to get good results and i gonna show how big I am, because you guys make me feel bigger I know there are people who indentify with me and I am not going to defraud them..

Thanks again

And feel free to keep doing your comments,I think people would like to know your opinion as well,can do it just below.

Saludos and good wind and waves all of you for this new year.

Jonas Ceballos

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  1. good luck and go big Jonas - your sailing is sick