miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010


Hi Friends

I was having a look on internet and i have found in windsurfjournal site that they post a picture of me on the pic of the day,,I would like to thanks a lot for their comment...
Also to Roberto Signorelli for the picture for sure if he wouldn't been there we wouldn't have the pleasure to see it.

I also have seen that on the forum of the spanish website totalwind.net, windmag.com and friends umipictures.com they did post also the news that i find new board sponsor and i have seen some great comments also is cool to see your interest and i also do thanks about it....;-)

I'm also stoke because i have seen lot of views on my blog and I also would like to thanks all of you for clicking on this little windsurf comunity.Is cool to see the interest you guys have about to know what about my life and what i'm doing,for me it is a pleasure share it and keep you informed.

Thanks again,,,

Keep tuned

Jonas Ceballos E-40

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