miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010


Hello friends

I'm sorry for being all this time away,,,In europe i coundnt get internet to upload my blog....

Well,,the event in Denamark worked out so so,i got 9º position but i have to say that still few mistakes with the scoring, i dont know why is still happening,,,anyways still on the top ten.

When the event was done we did an expession session and i could reach the final heat winning my heat doing a pushloop into foward,,in the final i was looking for the same move but i dindnt got any good ramp to do it,i did a couple but not enought high soo i finished 4º.

Right after the event we move down to sylt, we spend 15 days there but we didndt scored.

Was not enought conditions for the wave sailors.

Still one more event soo will see whats gonna happen....

I'm back home now and after long time waiting for some wave finally we got some good luck with the conditions here at pozo, yesterday we scored a very big day,very fun for waveriding and jumping, it was not really strong,i was with 4'2 confident all time.

Here couples of pictures from yesterday by FERNANDO SANCHEZ,

Thank you very much for the pictures.


Jonas Ceballos E40

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