lunes, 11 de agosto de 2008


Fanatic’s and Sebastian Wenzel´s reputation in Wave board design has been built over years of innovative shapes, leading to some of the most radical, yet user-friendly Wave boards ever built.

After more than 10 years of constant development of our Wave line, we have decided to let the highly tuned shapes run for 2 seasons, so the 69, 75 and 81 are the exact same shapes as the 2008 models. We have also added a new light wind machine, the NewWave 91, a no-compromise down the line board for heavier rippers and light wind addicts!

A close relationship between shaper Sebastian Wenzel and our world cup wave team ensures direct feedback. The most advanced CAD software available makes it possible to analyse all the curves that work together for perfect harmony and performance.

Key Features:
- Stretched outline for ulimate control in even most hardcore conditions
- New double concave/mono convave power control bottom shape
- Super thin and tucked rails for ultimate carving and control
- Slightly increased tail width for support in critical wave sections

New is the slight double concave through the mono concave in the tail, delivering more control in choppy water and on the face of the wave.

All four sizes of 69, 75, 81 and the new 91 share similar design features using the latest CAD technology and perfectly cover the range of riders and sails for all good wave conditions worldwide.

Available in two top class technologies, the Custom Wood Sandwich with unfinished look is both light and durable, for the most hard core days out there!

The Team Edition version has a full Carbon Kevlar deck and Carbon bottom lay up which ensures a substantial weight decrease, whilst dramatically increasing stiffness and performance.

Top PWA Wave sailor and Wave R&D Manager Klaas Voget:
“There is no better board than the NewWave in the Fanatic wave range, for high performance wavesailing. No compromise, hard core down the line conditions, the NewWave is THE wave-machine for when the going gets rough!”

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