sábado, 23 de agosto de 2008


Hi Friends,,
Pozo is unbeliveble,,wind dont stop since few month already,,today was sick session with 3.3 in the afternoon super over power and some big sets.
Today i was focus on my pushloop into foward in the morning i did one perfect and otherone really really high with 3'7 overpower,i was feeling really confident with myself i was unlucky that not bot was there to get the secuence but fortunatly richard aleman came to the beach in the afternoom to get some,,but,,, i was to over power with 3'3 and i coundnt get the good timing to do it as good as i did in the morning.Anyway i got some sick pics and this great secuence.
I hope you like it.
Thanks Richard Aleman for all the pictures.

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