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Hello friends

The test of the Mistral twizer in the french Mag WINDMAG, came out very good,I really have the same impresion when I did ride the board the first time,,You can have a look to what they say about it...
Will keep you updated.
Jonas Ceballos

Since the arrival of Anders Bringdal as the head of Mistral Boards we have only seen the boards on photo but never on the water. But now we have!
The new Twinzer Wave 82 has a double concave going into double concave inside a mono concave in front of the fins. It is produced in Vietnam, one of the few boards with AHD not to be produced in Cobra.
The construction was explained to us by Anders and sounds great. On the water the board was as stiff as it should without feeling uncomfortable. The board has a great sound while touching the water. After a series of big jumps not always well landed thanks to the strong gusts during the test the board did not move.
Using the 3,7 sqm in the Mistral wind blowing at 25 – 45 knots it was hard to tell how early the board got on to the plane. On the other side we really appreciated the control the board has even being that it is a bit bigger than what would be used in those conditions normally.
The board is very well balanced and has a great range.
On a straight line the board has great control and is fast. We did not feel as with many other twin fin boards that they drags water. It is a nice riding board that will even allow you to go fast upwind.
In the surf the Mistral shows its real strength, the board accelerates with the wave really well and allows you to push as hard as you like to get to where you want to go, but is still able to make smaller radical direction changes. The Maui Ultra fins seem to help the power and speed but also keep the board in control.
In side-on conditions, like during our test, the Mistral Twinzer accelerated well backside to be able to get around and hit the lip.
In the front side surf the rails engaged well and was easy to control, great point for such a volume board. In the turns you can feel the bottom shape working well. This Mistral can either be sailed heavily on the rails off your front foot to get to vertical or sailed more flat pushing on the back foot. The second option will give you a more reactive curve but with less power. It is great to be able to play with both ways of sailing.
In the top turn, the control and ease of use offered by this board, beside its volume, blew us away in the conditions we sailed in.
Early getting on to the plane and bigger sail testing will come later but this Twinzer 82 has left us with a great impression. Gold for now and will be a great choice for persons in the 80 kg range who is looking for a board that does it all 5,7-4,0 to be able to profit max from the conditions.
The board comes set up with Da-kine Primo straps and heels bumpers in the pads.

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