jueves, 27 de mayo de 2010


Hello friends

I arrived last night to Pisa (Italy) and in the airport I did meet the shaper of Mistral and 99customboards(Gianni Valdambrini)he pick me up at 1:00 am at the airport and we when to bed quite late, what the sorprise when i arrive to Gianni's house i meet my team mate (simmersails) Francisco Porchela, he also was here working for some new boards.
Today we wake up at 8:00am and we when straight to the factory to work on my new boards,twinzer and quadfins.
We finished the shapes on the computer and we started to shape straight the way with the machine,,for tomorrow still lot of work but we are going in a really good way,At the moment the boards are looking killer,I have to say that Gianni really know what he is doing. I got very impresive with his job and how all the crew works...we gonna have killer results for sure.
I will keep you updated..
Jonas Ceballos

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