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Interview with Fernandez and Ceballos

5 quick ones with Victor Fernandez E-42 and Jonas Ceballos E-40

Congratulations to your 2nd and 3rd place overall in the wave!!! Tell us a bit about the last PWA competition in Sylt?
VF: Sylt has been a really long competition. The weather conditions where super gnarly. It all came together in the last day for the finals (strong winds, rain, cold). But for me it couldn´t have been better than being in the final on Sylt and have a chance to win the 25th anniversary of such a great competition!! I´m really stoked!! It was a great moment for me and I´ll never forget it!

JC: It has been the hardest contest I have ever competed in! It was super cold, the skipers meeting was very early morning, it super stormy conditions and it was super different compared with what I used to but it has been a really nice experience for me. I´m so stoked!!

What was most memorable from this year on the tour?
VF: Probably repeat my 3rd consecutive victory at Pozo which put me back on 2nd place in the overall ranking to have the chance for fighting for the PWA World title.

JC: I am really happy with this year, to finally after so many years on tour to accomplish my goal and finishing on the podium. In the last and most important event of the year i got 4th in the contest and which placed me 3rd overall. Sharing podium with Kauli and team mate Victor feels unreal, finally the young riders take over the podium.

As the most radical high-wind jumpers in the world, how do you fellas feel about the new 09 Simmer gear?
JC: Im feeling really confident with my Mission X sails and with the Simmer mast program. I can say that it makes me feel really confident because it doesnt brake. This is really important because you can go more than 100% and push the limits of you sailing.Same with my Fanatic boards they're just increible and also the al360 booms are working fantastic.I have to say I'm happy to be onboard.

VF: I love my Icon sails. The whole range from 3.4 up to 5.9 are working very well all around the spots I´ve been sailing all year long.The sails generate so much power with full control. They are really easy to use!

For this season you worked a lot on your wave riding and it really paid of! How are you going prepare for this coming year on the PWA world tour?
JC: I have been training almost all year long my wave riding so far and for sure it had help to me but I´m still improving and focuing to get better. I´m just going try to keep the same way as I did this year, keep travelling around the world to different places to get all kind of conditions port tack and starboard tack just to keep improving my sailing.

VF: My plan for the winter is to travel to down the line spots like Chile or Maui to improve my wave riding as much as I can.Travelling to those places and trying out my new gear keeps me focused on my goals for the coming year on the tour. Its going to be a great year!

What are your tips for all the young rippers out there shredding up their local breaks wanting to go pro?
JC: I have to say that the key is live in a place where you can windsurf often and the main point is spend as much time as possible on the water and train as much as you can. Go sailing with sailors that are better than you will get better!! Go fast, jump high!

VF: Play, have fun, give everything you got in the water and enjoy the action!!!

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