domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008


Hi friends
This week we had a great week ,,wind and wave almost everyday,,here we go with couple pictures from yesterday at Pozo,,,Thanks to Daniell Bohnhof for this great pictures,Shovit into foward and an picture onshore pozo waveriding,it was the first day of watershooting for Daniell ,,it was not that bad,,,unlucky that we havent got the pushtable into foward,:-),was just clean,, but for next day we will get it,,for sure.
thanks again
pic by Daniell Bohnhof

pic by Daniell Bohnhof

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  1. snstehi, you piece of Mamon no longer remember the old Diego who appreciates you as much you doing the fucking life, you win championships?
    I agree with you but I see that you are not me, I encourage champion
    a greeting from a friend that you appreciate Diego