lunes, 12 de julio de 2010


Hello friends

We just finished the competition here in Pozo Izquierdo.This year i was not really lucky and i score 9º position in the end.
Conditions were a bit light this year, not much wave and wind was not really strong but at least we were lucky and we could finish the sigle and doble elimination and get the firts wave result of the year.
In the sigle elimination my friend and team mate Dario Ojeda beat me right before the quarter final,i was very unlucky with my waveriding but Dario was sailing good anyway on the sigle he could do the 3º place and reach the podium I congrat to him because was sailing good and consistant.
On the doble elimination i just was focused to go ahead i was sailing very confident in all my heats doing all heat with my head and very relaxed, everything was working good untill i did meed Ricardo Campello on a very close heat, I got a very good wave riding with couple takas on the same waves backsides and frontside turns and two good jumps and i got a very low score and i didnt make it.
I congrat also Ricardo for his 3º place in the doble, To Phillip who was ripping like hell outthere putting all his arsenal of tricks in every heats.
Also Congrat to Victor for his show and sailing,one more year he got the victory with a very good sailing.
Congrat to Dario also for his 4º place, in a very close heat against Ricardo fighting for the 3º place but unfortunatly Dario cound't make it but he was doing it good.
It have been very dificult all heats, everybody was ripping and the level have been growing from last year to this year, now i have to keep trainig for the next stop,in Denamark,I hope to do a good seasson this year.
I would like to thanks to all my sponsors for their support:
Looking foward for Denamark.....
Thanks J.Carter for the pictures.

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