miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010


Hello friends

I just arrived from tenerife,,I have had the 2º event of the spanish cup.

It was very good event with lot of people looking at the beach and a nice atmosfera with good conditions,,wind was a bit gusty but some nice waves.

On the sigle elimination i score 3º position Beating Marcos Perez in loser final but i have had the same problem with my foot,the cut under my foot got open again and it was very dificult for my sailing with the pain on my foot..

Single result:

1º Dany Bruch
2º Victor Fdnz
3ºJonas Ceballos
4ºMarcos Perez

On the doble i woke up the day after and my foot was full of pain, I did try to keep my 3º position but i lose against my friend Alex Mussolini in a close heat soo i jump from 3º to 4º position.
I would like to congrat to Victor,Dany and Alex,,well done guys.
I'm happy with the result still 2º on ranking and looking foward for the 3º event that maybe it will take place in Balears Island.

Final Result
1º Victor Fdnz
2ºDany Bruch
3ºAlex Mussolini
4ºJonas Ceballos

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