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Hello Friends

Right after the Pwa pozo event, we have had the Spanish Cup in Pozo during all weekend.

We scored same conditions as the pwa event,hot weather and gusty and some waves.

The Saturday we could finish the single elimination,i was sailing very consintant and confident,, before quarter finals i got a big cut under my foot and it was dificult to sail because my foot it was hurting so much but i was putting all my energy outthere to keep going and i could make it into the final and meet my friend Victor fdnz,In the final it was very dificult to find a good wave selection and my foot was not really helping me and victor took the victory but i was happy about how i was sailing.I also have to say that the level of every guys have been growing and it have been almost like a world cup,impresive about all young kids like Omar,Jose,Alessio,Moritz,Pablito and all pozo locals in genaral,wow, respect!!
Results of the single:
1º victor fdnz
2ºjonas ceballos
3ºjose romero

On the doble elimination I woke up the day after and my feet was not better and i was thinking to do not compete because i coundnt even do walk but the head judged push me to go just to try ,the doctor at the beach put me some bendage and i decide to try just to see if i was available to sail,,On the semifinals i was against my friend and team mate Dario Ojeda who was climbing untill get the semifinal sailing very consistant beating all the youngs locals Eric and Aleix who was sailing amazing,Omar and Jose.
I was sailing with a lot of paint foot in this heat but in a really close heat i got 3 judged decition for me and two for Dario,soo i was available to keep my second place but i coundnt go sailing again on the final against Victor because i coundnt even walk.
Anyway i'm happy with the second place and i just hope to get better to be ready for the next spanish cup that will take place in Tenerife next weekend.
From here i would like to congrat Victor for wining and my team mate Dario for climbing untill get the podium,,,and for sure congrat all the new generation for their level,keep ripping....
Thanks to Richard Aleman for all the pictures and Jose Piña for the podium picture thanks a lot...
Final results.
1ºVictor fdnz
2ºJonas ceballos
3ºDario ojeda

Thanks a lot to all my sponsors for their support:

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