miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012


Hi Friends As I told you we had few days of rest and then couple of windys days came but really gusty,wind is coming too north and it make the wind in the south east coast be very unstable, I had a very bad sailing because was too chopy the gusty winds and i came out a bit tired of working but i had a nice session anyways just be in water it makes you feel good, Dani Miquel was in the shore taking some pictures also i had some fun together with Victor and Klaas was also around there.This afternoom the wind just turn over to south wind,some people taking some glassy wave at the bunker with the paddlesurf.It look's a very strong high presure its coming for next week,I think we gonna get the first crazy days of summer,will keep you update. Thanks Dani Miquel for the picture. Saludos Jonas Ceballos E-40

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  1. Gracias a ti, por hacer ese backloop a una mano justo delante de mi cámara :)