sábado, 2 de junio de 2012


Hello Friends Finally i had some time to upload my blog,,,I'm very busy working hard at my new home,,taking away all garbage,putting new flor in the garden,paiting and many things doing on it,I wanted to take a picture while working but not time for it,it would have been nice to have a photo at work and see myself full of cement,tell you, very funny picture,hahaha,,beside this I had some time to ejoy in the water,last week we have had a few strongs days,not much wave going on but at least some wind to play with. I'm very happy that my knee is getting use to it again,,is soo good go for a botton turn or for a jump and feel not pain,,not really apreciate it this small things untill the injury comes.Now we having some brake but not for to long,,jeje.Last week I saw Klaas Voget around here, Today I saw my ex team mate and friend Victor FDZ around here with his girlfriend,long time i dindn't see him,people starting to come for some training,looking foward to have a couple session with him and a barbacoe for sure.;-) Hope you like the picture. Saludos Jonas Ceballos

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