miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012


Hi Friends As I did say,, we had last week some crazy days, first day of huracan i had to sail with 3,7 because my 3,3 is broken, the day after was even stronger but i didnt think too much about it and i was straight to LPwindsurf shop to take a borrow 3.3 sail,o my god what a diferent being with 3,7 with this wind is kind of crazy because very hard to hold it.Thanks to LPWindsurf I could ejoy much better the session. Here couple of pics from the first day with the 3,7 super powered up,everybody was with 3,3 or 3,4 was super strong but i manage to take some control with the 3,7, a bit crazy sometimes but I could hold it,, pics taken by a friend, Fernando(Nagui) Thanks mate you are a professional,jeje. I'm unlucky I have not any picture of the day after with the 3.3, I have to say,long time i didnt jump that high,ridiculous.....I had lot of fun.Now is not wind soo we can take a bit of rest.Let's see what is next. I think soon we will score good again, will keep you update. Saludos Jonas Ceballos E-40

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